About the programme Mivia in the Republic of Belarus

The programme “Mivia” was established in 2013 by volunteers to organize and conduct tours for blind and eye handicapped people.

Excursion service of eye handicapped people requires special attention because very often it’s not enough just to conduct tours orally but it’s also important to use tactile means. The first tactile breadboard model has been created by Olga Solonovich, Julia Tarasenko and Marina Truhanovich specially for the project “Touch  Minsk” by March, 2013. It is a light, solid breadboard model of the Minsk City Hall which is located on the Freedom Square, a favorite place of tourists.

For more detailed studying of features of architecture Igor Yakovenko has created the relief image of the central facade of a monument. The first excursion took place in April, 2013 as a part of the annual event “Guides’ Fest 2013”.

April 21 is considered to be the birthday of the project “Touch  Minsk”.

The citizens of Minsk and guests of the capital have become fond of this project not only because it solves a serious social problem but also because everyone can participate in it. A tactile route has been developed and an excursion “With closed eyes” was organized in which more than 20 people took part during the period from June to September, 2013.

On April 20, 2013 they showed a route “Independence Square for Everybody” adapted for wheelchair-bound invalids on the Independence Square.

The participants of the project “Mivia” conduct educational activity.

They create information and training video about the project, conduct classes for future guides and organize round table discussions, seminars, presentations, trainings, etc. All this is the work of volunteers who wish to make the world available for handicapped people.

There is a close cooperation with more than fifteen organizations in the Republic of Belarus and abroad with the aim of collaboration in order to create comfortable and safe environment for people with disabilities.

In 2013 two more projects were launched.

The art-project “Dreams of blind people” sets a goal to put on exhibition of works on the basis of video fragments with participation of blind people on the topic “What dreams do blind people see?” They plan to realize it in three stages. Everybody is welcome because in every country of the world there are those who wish to tell us about their dreams.

The project “Invisible paintings” is connected with the creation of relief images of paintings from the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. Practically everything that we can see in the museum is inaccessible to blind people. We wish to make works of art accessible because it’s the gift which our ancestors left to us and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy true art.

The first social video is there.


The author is Svetlana Kolpakova.

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