Report on the results of the final trip of Winners of SocStarter to Holland.

Monday,  9 June, 2014.
Overall impression of the country.

Our first day was in Amsterdam. After having some rest after the flight in in our apartment we went for a walk. The city stands on the water, so it is crossed by more than 100 km of channels. The houses are very funny with narrow doors and high steep steps. First time visitors may have a number of questions, like how to carry the suitcase on the second floor or how to open a refrigerator? Because of some gravitation the houses have bent a little bit and windows sunk to one side. There are also houses, built right on the water. They look like one-store square buildings on wooden foundation.  Being located right on the channel and moored to the shore, they are supplied with running water, sewer, and electricity – everything you need for a living.  There are even small gardens on some of these houseboats. We were surprised with the number of birds there, some familiar to us like pigeons, crows, ducks, herons, but other less like swans and gulls…

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